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Which is correct jewelry or jewellery?
Both "jewelry" and "jewellery" are right, but it depends on where you live. In America, "jewelry" is more common. In other places like England and Canada, "jewellery" is used more. It just depends on what people usually say where you are.

What is called jewellery?
Jewellery is pretty things that you wear to style on an occasion. It's usually made from special metals like gold and silver, and sometimes has pretty rocks or other things on it. Some examples of jewellery are rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches. People like jewellery because it looks nice and can have special meanings.

What type of jewellery is best?
The "best" jewellery is different for everyone because it depends on what they like and where they want to wear it. But usually, jewellery made from strong metals like gold and silver, with real pretty rocks on it, is considered really good. The best jewellery is the one that makes you happy and makes you feel special.

Which jewellery is best in India?
In India, people like different kinds of jewellery depending on where they live and what they like. Traditional Indian jewellery like Kundan and Polki are very special because they have beautiful designs and are important for special events and weddings. People in India love these kinds of jewellery.

10 gold chains that flatter any personality

Gold chains are shiny accessories that people wear around their necks. They have been popular for a long time and can make someone look elegant and fancy. There are many different designs to choose from, and each one can show off a person's style and personality.

It's important to pick the right gold chain design because it can make someone look even better. There are classic designs that never go out of style, like the Cuban link chain. It has oval-shaped links that look strong and masculine. There's also the Figaro chain, which has different shaped links that make it look fancy and modern. The rope chain is another classic design that looks twisted and adds sophistication to any outfit.

If someone wants a more modern and trendy look, they can choose a box chain. It has square-shaped links that look sleek and simple. The Singapore chain is made with links that reflect light and make it look delicate and pretty. The snake chain is a cool design that looks like a snake's skin and adds a bit of edginess to any outfit.

For someone who wants to make a big statement, there are unique designs like the Byzantine chain. It has a fancy pattern that looks like old buildings and shows off luxury. The herringbone chain has a V-shaped pattern that lays flat on the skin and looks really cool. The wheat chain has a woven pattern that looks like wheat stalks and adds texture to any outfit.

When choosing a gold chain, it's important to think about how long and wide it is. The length and width can change how it looks on someone's neck. Gold chains also come in different levels of purity, which means how real the gold is. Some chains are more pure and have a richer colour, but they can scratch easier.

Everyone has their own personal style, so it's important to pick a gold chain that matches that style. Some people like classic designs, while others like modern or statement designs. There's a gold chain out there for everyone!

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