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Small Bees Honey

Small Bees Honey

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🌻 Beyond the Ordinary: Explore the Essence of honey - This dark and exquisite abundant colour, 100% pure and natural small bees honey also known as stingless bee, dammar bee honey or Tetragonula honey. This honey comes from Kottayam, Kerela of the Western Ghat's exceptional forests. To enjoy the raw small bees honey with sweet taste have 1 spoon Every day. This honey is in high demand in India. It’s a Superfood.

How to use honey - This small bees honey captures our wildflower estate's essence. Use this small bees honey from Kottayam, Kerela. Add it to sweeten your cereal, milkshakes, granola, bread toast, cold coffee and ice cream.

Honey benefits - 1 Spoonful gives energy to keep you going all day long, Use honey to keep heart healthy. Use honey it’s anti-fungal & Anti-bacterial. It’s a natural sweetener, Revered in Ayurveda for Curing properties, According to modern science its high in antioxidants and vitamins, Improves immunity & digestion with several health benefits. Enriching regulate health.

🌸 Ethically sourced - Every jar of small bees honey is prepared by expertise thriving and by vast knowledge passed down through generations of the forest for thousands of years. The honey hunters get rare & exotic nectar of various excellent wildflowers. The honey hunter is paid well because honey hunters labour and gather honey with other honey hunters in their community from forest lands. Tribal hunt for nature honey with their tribal community in forest lands. They stay in the forests with their community and labour during the season. Their profession is harvesting honey. Small bees honey is also called stingless bees honey, dammar bee honey or Tetragonula honey. Honey harvesting is done in honey harvesting season. Shelf life is 12 months. There are many honey benefits. Honey is a golden elixir.


Note: Our honey has been 100% tested to make sure it's safe to eat and it’s from India. Sometimes it crystalizes because of the weather, but that's normal.

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